Did I Reach My Blogging Goals In 2015?

Please note that this is the very last post on stepabout.me. From January 1st, you will find me at stepabout-blog.com.

Tick Tock Day

On July 1st, I wrote a list of my top 10 blogging goals because it was Second Half of the Year Day. Today is Tick Tock Day, reminding us that 2015 will be gone in two days. I thought that this is a great opportunity to look back at my blogging goals and see if I reached them. I also think it’s a nice final post for stepabout.me. In the new year, we’ll meet at my new site stepabout-blog.com!

Blogging goals

Blogging Goals of 2015 – Did I Reach Them?

#1: Stick to my editorial calendar–> Reached

When I wrote the goals post in July, my editorial calendar had only been in place for a few days. I’ve used it consistently throughout the remainder of the year and I’m a huge fan of it. My editorial calendar is on Trello (see how I did it here) and it’s the most helpful thing because it provides a wonderful overview of all the posts that are due. I always plan my content around one month in advance to make sure it’s well organised and balanced. So sticking to my editorial calendar is certainly a “reached”.

#2: Stick to 3-4 weekly posts consistently –> not reached

I think I set this one a bit too high. During the summer holidays, I did quite well and I stuck to 3-4 posts a week for a few months. But then, university and dancing kicked in and I had to reduce my posting schedule to 1-2 weekly posts. A few weeks before my exams, I even had to stop posting completely.

#3: Be more engaged on social media –> Reached

To be honest, this is only an 80% reach or so. While I did manage to engage with people on Twitter and even on Pinterest, I had phases when I simply buffered my stuff without interacting with anyone. But most of the time, I think I did quite well so I give myself a “reached” here.

#4: Read more blogs and get to know new blogs –> half reached

I love to read other blogs and write meaningful comments, but this is something that went a bit too low on my priority list. It will thus be one of my top goals for next year. However, I still achieved one part of this aim, namely to get to know new blogs. I’ve discovered a few amazing bloggers recently (Skinnedcartree, City Girl Searching & and Truc De Blogueuse to name just a few) , now I just need to be more engaged in the blogosphere.

#5: Write guest posts –> reached

The wonderful Carrie encouraged me to participate in her Equal Rights Week. It was a collection of guest posts and I felt honoured to be among some great bloggers in Carrie’s lovely series. I loved the experience and want to do some more guest blogging next year.

#6: Get 100 Bloglovin followers –> not reached

To be honest, I completely forgot that this was among my goals at all. But still, I now have 78 followers over there. When I found out about Bloglovin, I thought it was one of the most important things to focus on. I still think it’s great, but for my blog, Twitter and a proper mailing list might actually be more important right now.

#7: Improve my Pinterest presence –> not reached

I could basically copy the exact same sentence I wrote half a year ago: “My boards are a mess and I seem to be (re)pinning random stuff.” Like Bloglovin, Pinterest has just not been one of my top priorities and therefore I ended up neglecting it completely. I’m still not sure whether it’s really worth the effort, but I guess I’m giving it another go in 2016.

#8: Further improve my photography –> Reached

Even though I have to admit that I have been using mainly stock photos recently, I do think that my photography got better. Especially my Instagram looks more appealing than it did half a year ago. Furthermore I realised that resizing images properly makes them look way more professional, no matter the quality of the actual photograph. But anyway, I’m still thinking about getting a better camera since I’m currently mainly working with my iPad.

#9: Change the newsletter format –> Reached

I give this one a “reached” because my new newsletter format will be implemented on January 1st. During the second half of 2015, I have neglected my newsletters completely and I had no real plan about what I was doing. Now, I have a Mailchimp account, a proper signup form and a plan, so I’m sure it will be more of a success than my last try.

#10: Move to self-hosted WordPress –> reached (hell yeah!!)

Yes I know, I haven’t actually moved my blog just yet. However, the self-hosted Stepabout is just one click away, hidden behind a coming-soon page and waiting to be released on January 1st, 2016.

How Well Did I Do?

If I count #4 as a “reached”, my score is seven out of ten and that’s way better than I’d expected! I knew that it was going to be a busy six months, so I’m surprised that I still managed to complete seven of my goals.

But blogging is like dancing, there’s always something to improve on. I believe that having goals is a good thing, it helps to keep my motivation up. Right now, I’m thinking about my aims in blogging for 2016 and I will post the list in just a few days over at stepabout-blog.com

I hope you enjoyed the last post on the old Stepabout. At this point, I can only say thank you and wish you all a wonderful and happy 2016!

New Year 2016